LJH3 Hebdomadal

Mismanagement 2017/2018

On-Sec Carolyn Glockhoff (Caro-Lion)
DownDown Master Colleen Sharp (On Dee)
Religious Advisor Gretchen Robertson (Watch 'em Bounce)
Hare Raisers Jo Ann Lane
Beer Meister John Kennedy (D.Duck)
Hash Winer Ken Johnson
Hash Cashes - Revenue collector Patty Cornelius (La Bufadora)
        Payables Lee Hultgren
Webmaster Gordy Adsit (Fuzzy)
Hash Flash Jim Hollarn (Hoot)
HARES: e-mail run starts to carolyn@caro-lion.com and fuzzy@gordy.net AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO RUN

Next Runs and Announcements:

running turkey
#2115 - 19 Nov - Thanksgiving Feast  6:15pm
Hares:  Mae West and Pink Panther
Location:  9604 Candy Lane, La Mesa, CA

Cooks for the Feast send your sign up on Cook List to Carol Summers; carols92106@gmail.com 
Smoke Turkey; Sharon & Steve Bovee
Turkey; Sharon & Steve Bovee
Turkey; Joe Charmasson
Ham; Linda & Lee Gillard
Vegan, Fake Turkey kinda dish with veggie gravy; Anita Kramer (for vegetarians)

Vegetable (for 30 hashers), Brussel Sprouts; Linda Olson
Vegetable (for 30 hashers), Green Beans Almandine; Carolyn Glockhoff
Vegetable (for 30 hashers), Peas & Carrots; Rose Martinez
Vegetable (for 30 hashers), ??; Colleen Sharp

Yams (for 30 hashers); Ruth Rich
Sweet Potato dish (for 30 hashers); Sharon Bodmer

Mash Potatoes (for 30 hashers); Julie Hollarn
Mash Potatoes (for 30 hashers); Carol Summers

Turkey Gravy; Carol Summers

Stuffing/Dressing (vegetarian, for 30 hashers); Margi Grant
Stuffing/Dressing (for 30 hashers); Mike Wilder

Dinner Rolls/Hawaiian/Pretzel and Butter (for 60 hashers, Costco has optional flavors); Dawn Juola
Cranberry (for 30 hashers); Jo Ann Lane
Cranberry (for 30 hashers); Ann Linen
Olives/Pickles; John & Colleen Powell
Pies/Whip Cream (for 60 hashers, 2 pumpkin, 1 apple, 1 pecan, Costco); Gretchen Robertson

Note; Have the Feast Food pre-pared and kept warm. Good items are like Crock pots, electric roasters. No kitchen prep available.
Please keep in mind NO MEAT in side dishes. If you want BACON to be added to a side dish, put it in a side container for option.
We'll expect about 60 Hashers to attend the Thanks Giving Feast.

#2116 - 26 Nov - Sticky and Cat

Note to hares:  The beermeister and winer need 20# of ice for the beer and 6-10# for the sodas. 
In the cool weather we can prob. get by with 20# total.
Also, if possible, please provide parking spaces for beermeister and winer.

Assistant Beirmister Notes
In celebration of World Toilet Day http://www.worldtoiletday.info/wtd2018/theme/ next Monday, some LJH'ers have requested further 'Greening the Blue', 
http://www.greeningtheblue.org/event/world-toilet-day . Therefore, when the blue labeled 6.8% Weekend Vibes IPA gets drained it will be immediately 
replaced by a DIPA NeverBetter at 8.1%abv with its green label. However, as Big Foot sagely noted last Monday, that will leave only 91.9% water, - 
so should we experience more Santa Anna conditions be sure to adjust your consumption accordingly just to avoid any chapped lips or dry skin. 
The 'red' tap (on the far left), Yes! I appreciate that's really confusing to most Democrats, will remain Mermaid Red (a pale ale at 5.7%abv, 
or 94.3% water for purposes of enhanced re-hydration).  Pick your pleasure.  ON ON!

See message from Larry Coffinberry, at the end of the Heb, about trip he is planning to Peru/Machu Picchu in April 2019.


#2114 - 12 Nov - Veterans Day   6:15pm
Hares:  Ken and Gretchen
Location:  1025 Stratford Drive, Encinitas, CA
Chairs and warm clothes.
Time for a write-up of Monday's LJ Hash run. I didn't do it. I walked with John Powell and discussed much regarding probability and statistics. The problem was to figure out the paradox of three doors in a game show. A case of a conditioned probability. I'm not an expert in such matters, but Powell insisted on his answer which I couldn't protest (unfortunate). As usual we did not follow the trail beyond the first few blocks and got lost in downtown Encinitas (if that's possible). It seems the railroad has put up chainlink fences to prevent idiots (like Hashers) from pre-maturely crossing the tracts to get back to Vulcan. (Now who would want to do that!) It seems some enterprising drunk tore a hole in the fence and we used that to get across to L-street, a 45 degree hill !!)

Patrice relayed to us that a pair of Hashers were racing (racists) on the trail. It is well known that today's Hash runs are really testosterone based ego runs to demonstrate some type of personal prowess, so the people were duly rewarded with down-downs. The chili and salad was quite good and the associated beer provided a good chaser (can't remember). Thanks to the hares for that.

Bill Henline

Thank You Scribe Rocket Man (Bill Henline)


Hon Sec Caro-Lion

Photo Gallery

Hoot's pictures from Encinitas Veterans' Day run

Pre-run brief from the balcony
Tunnel under the tracks

F*R and DDuck on trail

On in
On in

Food line
Throws Up Stays Up does Hashit demo

Welcome back

Pilot joke

Gretchen joke
OnDee joke


Big Banana Birthday Cake
Hares: Ken and Gretchen


Need Crash Space for 11 - 14 April 2019 for about 4 hashers (Scottish Finger Cuffs, Slurpee Seconds, TMI General and Wet Spot).

We are cumming out to be racist's and run the Heartbreak Ridge 1/2 and of course hashing. David Rumley usmcdv1963@yahoo.com

Larry Coffinberry (Manniken) - trip to Machu Picchu in April 2019

If anyone is interested in a Peru (Machu Picchu) trip in April next year, I am hoping to put together a small (no more than 12 people) group for this tour. I am working with a travel agency that likes to put together individualized itineraries specifically for small groups.

Currently, I have interest (no commitments) from 6 people - would like to have 6 more before I talk to the travel agent for more details. The basic itinerary is a 9 day trip. The cost (depending on the numbers) will be $3400-$3600 pp, double occupancy.

Leticia and I are going to add Mexico City, either on the front end or back end of the trip but anyone who signs up can create their own itinerary. Dates are not set in stone, just examples, but we want to do this trip in April. I can include the basic itinerary for anyone interested who contacts me.

Responses can come to larry@coffinberry.com.

Bill Gates uses poop as prop to pitch toilet of the future

Curious about the international hashing scene? Look at the latest issue of Harrier International Magazine, published by Bimbo -- Bimbo has provided access to the entire magazine for a year for submitting an article. -- Caro-Lion