LJH3 Hebdomadal

Mismanagement 2017/2018

On-Sec Carolyn Glockhoff (Caro-Lion)
DownDown Master Nancy Butler (Pinball)
Religious Advisor Jim Cahill (Pluckey)
Hare Raisers Jo Ann Lane
Beer Meister John Kennedy (D.Duck)
Hash Winer Ken Johnson
Hash Cashes - Revenue collector Patty Cornelius (La Bufadora)
        Payables Lee Hultgren
Webmaster Gordy Adsit (Fuzzy)
Hash Flash Jim Hollarn (Hoot)
HARES: e-mail run starts to carolyn@caro-lion.com and fuzzy@gordy.net AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO RUN

Next Runs and Announcements:

#2124 - 21 Jan - THE MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY RUN  6:15pm
Hares:  Jim Cahill and Nancy Butler
Runstart:  Nobel Athletic Fields  https://www.google.com/maps/@32.8682412,-117.2002001,17z?hl=en&authuser=0
Start at the pavilions at the northwest end of Nobel Athletic Fields. North end of Toscana Dr. at Toscana Way
A to A
Do not forget warm clothes, chairs, smiles, etc. It is an outdoor ending. Dogs ok.
We could use help with lanterns.

#2125 - 28 Jan - The NOT in Chula Vista run  6:00pm
Hares:  Sharon and Kurt Bodmer
Address:  2664 Gobat Ave., SD, CA 92122
Directions: From Interstate 52 go north on Regents Road, turn left at Pennant Way, right at Stressemann St. and finally
left at Gobat Ave. This is the home of Piece of Tail.
Run is A-A. Come and enjoy an awesome T&E trail and "warm the heart" winter food!

Chinese New Year
#2126 - 4 Feb - Chinese New Year 6:00pm
Hares:  Rose and Dawn
Address:  A-A, Drive to B
A is Painted Rock Elementary School 16711  Martincoit Rd., Poway
B is 16027 Martincoit Rd., Poway
Guest fee:  $10
Bring chairs (chairs will not be provided).  
Prizes for best Asian clothes/costumes. 

Note to hares:  The beermeister and winer need 20# of ice for the beer and 6-10# for the sodas. 
In the cool weather we can prob. get by with 20# total.
Also, if possible, please provide parking spaces for beermeister and winer.

Request from Hon Sec: Sometimes I have a hard time getting people to do a run write-up (one of the distinguishing characteristics of La Jolla Hash). It has been suggested that the hares find a friend or someone who will write-up their run. It could even be one of the hares. If you are one of those people who says you never read the Heb, then when you are hare just don't find a scribe. Your call. Write-ups should be e-mailed to Caro-Lion. This is a trial procedure - so let's see how it works.


#2123 - 14 Jan - Patrice and Mike May 6:15pm
Runstart:  Encinitas Community Park, Cardiff https://goo.gl/maps/vz8BgBR4BNz
	near baseball field #3 and the restrooms on east side of park 
Run is A-A, drive to B
B = 1048 Monterey Vista Way, Encinitas, Ca.92024
We had a clever run figured out for Monday's run but, unfortunately, because of the rain, we will have to save that for a nice day. Instead, once the rain stopped around 4:15 PM, Bill (Rocket Man) and I each set a half of the four mile run around Cardiff. About 25 hashers came to the start at Encinitas Community Park We were lucky that there was only a slight mist during the run. The run went across the freeway and wound around to the north and past San Dieguito Academy. Then it crossed back under the freeway on Santa Fe and finished up through the park.

Down downs were at Mike May's house in Encinitas. This was a nice refuge from the cold and possible rain. Mike made a delicious chili and corn bread. Ken Johnson made a German Chocolate cake for his birthday and Caro-Lion's. It was a very nice evening with the smaller group.


Thank you Scribe - Patrice


Hon Sec Caro-Lion

Photo Gallery

Hoot's pictures from Clairmont run
Pictures from Cardiff/Encinitas run not available at this time.

Hares are cannibals and eat meat, surprising photos reveal

In an ironic twist, the mammals also dine on carcasses of their main predator, the Canada lynx, a new study says.

Curious about the international hashing scene? Look at the latest issue of Harrier International Magazine, published by Bimbo -- Bimbo has provided access to the entire magazine for a year for submitting an article. -- Caro-Lion