LJH3 Hebdomadal

Mismanagement 2017/2018

On-Sec Carolyn Glockhoff (Caro-Lion)
DownDown Master Melanie Martin (Manhandler)
Religious Advisor John Martin (Mr. Spock)
Hare Raiser Jo Ann Lane
Beer Meister John Kennedy (D.Duck)
Hash Winer John Martin (Mr. Spock)
Hash Cashes - Revenue collector Patty Cornelius (La Bufadora)
        Payables Lee Hultgren
Webmaster Gordy Adsit (Fuzzy)
Hash Flash Jim Hollarn (Hoot)
HARES: e-mail run starts to carolyn@caro-lion.com and fuzzy@gordy.net AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO RUN

Next Runs and Announcements:

#2137 - 22 Apr - Easter Monday in Roadrunner Park in Tierrasanta  6pm
Hares: Throws Up Stays Up and Nibbles

#2138 - 29 Apr - Jock Strap and Psycho - Oceanside

#2139 -  6 May - Tres Margaritas

#2140 - 13 May - Caro-Lion and Ken R. - Anniversary run

#2141 - 20 May - 	NEED HARES

#2142 - 27 May - Bodmer/Grant birthday boys

HASH BASH - Sept. 13, 14 & 15...Laguna Mountain Lodge, Laguna Mts.

Up-date: as of 4/18... Important thing to do first is to call the Laguna Mountain Lodge (619-473-8533) to make your reservation. They don't have us down as a group so you don't need to mention anything about LJH3. Before you call them check out their website: lagunamountain.com to see the cabin layouts and any other info you might want. They still have a few 2 motel rooms (no pets or kids) and a few 2 & 3 bedroom cabins. Make your reservations for nights of Sept. 13 & 14. They will ask you to mail them a check by the next day. (Laguna Mt. Lodge, PO Box 146, Mt. Laguna, CA 91948) There is not an unlimited amount of space available so if you plan on attending, make your reservation sooner than later. If you plan to camp...either tent or RV, I need somebody to look into the details of what is available and let me know the details. I know there have been at least 2, maybe 3 campsites in the area, I'm sure they're still there but I don't have the info. Starting in June the newly designed sign-up board will be available for signing people up for the duties that make this event work. While there will be few minor changes, the normal duties of sign-up board, food sign-up, Fri. night dinner, Sat. breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as Sun. breakfast will need filling. If you know you want to do one particular duty, don't hesitate to let me know via email or text anytime. On-On, Melanie, your fearless Hash Bash coordinator! melaniehg@yahoo.com or 775-552-5464 (email & texting works best!) Tahoe: PO Box 3236, 178 Hall Ct. Stateline, NV 89449-3236 San Diego: 3375 Hill St, San Diego, CA 92106 H: 619-226-3366
Note to hares: The beermeister and winer need 20# of ice for the beer and 6-10# for the sodas. In the cool weather we can prob. get by with 20# total. Also, if possible, please provide parking spaces for beermeister and winer.
Request from Hon Sec: Sometimes I have a hard time getting people to do a run write-up (one of the distinguishing characteristics of La Jolla Hash). It has been suggested that the hares find a friend or someone who will write-up their run. It could even be one of the hares. If you are one of those people who says you never read the Heb, then when you are hare just don't find a scribe. Your call. Write-ups should be e-mailed to Caro-Lion. This is a trial procedure - so let's see how it works.
Mr Spock will be Winer till the end of June. Lee and Linda Gillard will be taking over as Winers as needed.


#2136 -15 Apr - Birthday Girls Do Tax Day  6pm
Hares:  Dawn, Pinball, and Pluckey
A to A, Drive to B
Run Fee is $8
"A" is Painted Rock Elementary School, 16711 Martincoit Rd., Poway  92064
"B" is 16027 Martincoit Rd., Poway  92064
In celebration of several birthdays, MARGARITAS will be served.
Bring Chairs. No Dogs.
Hares chose to have no write-up.

Scribe - none


Hon Sec Caro-Lion

Photo Gallery

Hoot's pictures from Painted Rock Elementary School

Pluckey gives pre-run brief
Scenic trail


Running thru neighborhood kid's party
Along creek

On in

Lasagna, salad, and bread

Designer garage
Substitute Hashit Demo

Visitor Carolyn
Mr. Spock tells joke

The Armed Sisterhood and Badfoot
Organized garage

Birthday girls: Nancy and Dawn
Over the Hill Cake

Hares: Dawn, Pinball, and Pluckey
Let them eat cake!

In the news...
Suspected rhino poacher is killed by an elephant and then eaten by lions in South Africa

Watch out for those lions!

15 Jokes that only Geologists will fully understand

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