LJH3 Hebdomadal

Mismanagement 2017/2018

On-Sec Carolyn Glockhoff (Caro-Lion)
DownDown Master Lynn Beveridge (African Queen)
Religious Advisor Erik Beveridge (Dr. Pecker)
Hare Raisers Karen Roegner and Jo Ann Lane
Beer Meister John Kennedy (D.Duck)
Hash Winer Ken Johnson
Hash Cashes - Revenue collector Patty Cornelius (La Bufadora)
        Payables Lee Hultgren
Webmaster Gordy Adsit (Fuzzy)
Hash Flash Jim Hollarn (Hoot)
HARES: e-mail run starts to carolyn@caro-lion.com and fuzzy@gordy.net AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO RUN

Next Runs and Announcements:

# 2107 - 24 Sep  Last minute scramble 6pm
Hares:  Damn Girl Ow-oo and DDuck
Location:  4675 Tecolote Rd., Tecolote Rec. Center (off I-5)
park either side of street, look for tables by lower ball field. Bring lanterns or we may eat in the street. 
8 pm alcohol curfew not rigidly enforced. DD's likely over by 8:30 as dearth of Penguin jokes till next regime. 
One trail - around 4 miles, (1 hr) but several beer checks, so may want to tote along a torch light or charged iPhone. 
If any questions, don't call Rose at work, save them till Monday when few will be answered accurately.

# 2108 -  1 Oct   Oktoberfest - Bratwurst, Pretzels and Bier  6pm
Hares:  Frau Dawn, Herr Ken J., Frau Carol, Frau Linda and Herr Jeff O.
Runstart:  16027 Martincoit Rd.  Poway
Guest fee:  $10
Men, pull out your Lederhosen!  Ladies, dust off your Dirndls!  
After a 2 year hiatus we return to Poway for the 19th LJH3 Oktoberfest.
There will be authentic German music, traditional Bavarian cuisine and lots of Gemutlichkeit!
Prizes for best costumes as well as the ladies beer stein holding competition.  Bavarian attire suggested.
The original crew reunites along with newcomer Chef Frau Linda and her Sous Chef Herr Jeff taking over 
the German Kartoffelsalat.  Originally celebrated in early 1800s Germany in honor of the country's royal 
family, Oktoberfest today is simply a reason to come together on Monday night to drink, eat and be merry.
Bring chairs
No dogs

Note to hares:  The beermeister and winer need 20# of ice for the beer and 6-10# for the sodas. 
In the cool weather we can prob. get by with 20# total.
Also, if possible, please provide parking spaces for beermeister and winer.

See message from Larry Coffinberry, at the end of the Heb, about trip he is planning to Peru/Machu Picchu in April 2019.


Hash Bash: Sept. 14-16, 2018, Idyllwild

3p - cabins available...once you settle in, please come to the main area, we'll need help in assembling shade tents, tables, etc.
5p - keg tapped and wine & cheese tasting begins...if you participate in the wine tasting, please contribute a bottle, this wine is not part of the hash supply
6p - dinner served...soup buffet followed by sitting around BSing until sleepy time

7-9a - coffee pot is brewing and soon after, breakfast will be served with mimosas
9-10a - hares will brief us then we'll figure out carpooling to the run start
12p - lunch
Between lunch & dinner you have free time to nap, shower, whatever trips your trigger...usually there's social gathering around the main camp area
5p - margaritas served, along with appetizers...probably the bbqing will commence 
6:30p - dinner...down downs to follow with more BSing afterwards until sleepy time 

7-9a - coffee pot is brewing and a Continental breakfast & mimosas will be served
9-10a - hares brief and run begins, usually A-A from camp
11a - cabin check-out...for those leaving Sun.
11:30a - Lunch is gathered...usually the left overs from the weekend
Beer flow stops when George/John K leave

# 2106 - 17 Sep Hash Bash Recovery in Scripps Ranch 6pm Hares: Caro-Lion and Tecolote Runstart: Cypress Canyon Park Map: https://goo.gl/maps/kbDA8qFPzRr (this is NOT Scripps Ranch Community Park!) Trying to take advantage of limited daylight, so 6pm runstart... Latecomers may get a short-cut. Bring a flashlight for trail if you are paranoid. Some virgin shiggy. Dogs on leash in the park. We could use some lanterns for the tables - it gets dark earlier.

Hash Bash weekend+

Hashers arrived in Idyllwild most of the day. Many had traffic tales to tell - of I-15 being shut down because of a freeway jumper in Temecula. F*R navigated with Siri's help as I drove - we had minimal traffic issues. We quickly set up tents and came over to Idyllwild Inn. I needed to check trail for Sunday and T&T was stuck in traffic, so F*R stepped up. At some point wine, snacks, and soup smorgasbord appeared but F*R and I were out tending to the Sunday trail and missed out on some of that. Wine bottles accumulated on the railing of the cabin closest to the festivities - the wall of shame.


Hares Psycho and Jeff O. avoided the recently burned areas, laying a trail mostly north of Idyllwild Inn. Unfortunately it crossed part of the pre-laid eagle section of the Sunday trail. I was separated from the pack and had my own adventure that did not include the beer check (which was evidently up a steep hill).
Rose and ? set out lunch after the eagles returned. Then most hashers showered, took a nap, or read in the shade. Around the appointed hour Frigid and Big Banana made margaritas for the entire group. Then hashers filled up on appetizers so they had little room left to eat the main course food. ED made excellent tri-tip and salmon.
I did not take notes on down-downs. There were many. Queenie and Dr. Pecker officiated. Hashshit Schuyler did a demo. Guests (some only seen at Hash Bash) were welcomed. Thumb & Thumber played guitar while Queenie and a few others sang an adapted hash song. Some mis-management positions changed. The hares: Psycho, Jeff and Linda Olson, and Hash Bash organizers were thanked.


In spite of mini-disasters Thumb & Thumber, Caro-Lion, and F*n Ready laid an enjoyable trail complete with beer check at the turkey/eagle split. Caro-Lion tried to cancel sending anyone on the eagle trail due to competing marks from the Saturday trail, but F*R really wanted eagles to discover his special backtrack - in a crack in a giant rock peering out over a drop-off. F*R was disappointed that nobody found it.
Lunch back at the Inn included cut-up steak and leftovers from Saturday night. Down-downs by Manhandler followed (but I don't remember what for who). People picked up their gear and the Hash went in peace.


Starting with some background...hare Caro-Lion started laying trail about 3:15pm only to have an irate homeowner say the homeowners association wouldn't let us go across the hillside behind his house. I told him the county indicated that area was open space...about 15 minutes of haggling and negotiating, saying we would never come back again, and I laid a trail straight up the ice plant (not the preferred route). I also decided there would be less impact on said grouch if only the eagles did that section - hence trail design changes on the fly. There were 2 T/E/W splits with eagles getting more off-road. Dead Dog Walking manned the beer check on his way home from the gym.
Hare Tecolote cooked chili with or without chicken, which seemed to go over well. Also served: a salad with artichoke hearts and other fancy stuff, bread, and butter, and cookies.
Ruth Rich helped me remember down-downs - which included Sir Isaac Sphincter (still hashshit), Mr. Spock for a private party, Kitty Kitty and Sticky for their contributions for Hash Bash, Cindy gave Linda Gillard a down-down (Don't remember why), everyone who went to hash bash was called up for down-downs, guests and returning member John Olson, birthdays. Joanne Lane gave her pitch to fill in the schedule for the rest of the year for runs.

I'm tired whines Caro-Lion.

Scribe - Caro-Lion


Hon Sec Caro-Lion

Photo Gallery

Hash Bash Saturday trail map

Steep road to beer check
Beer check

Beer check Saturday
DQ and sleeping Big Banana

Idyllwild deer
Chef E.D.

Manhandler's hedgehog
Wall of dead soldiers

Hanging out
Hanging out

Hanging out
Hanging out

Hash Bash Sunday trail map

Sunday hares give pre-run brief
Sunday runstart

On trail
Beer check

Lunch set-up
ED slices meat for lunch

Dawn and Rose
Down downs

Down downs
Hares: Thumb & Thumber, F*n Ready, and Caro-Lion

Penguin joke
Down downs

Monday trail map showing open space

Mobs of kangaroos take to streets of Australia's capital over food shortages

Larry Coffinberry (Manniken) - trip to Machu Picchu in April 2019

If anyone is interested in a Peru (Machu Picchu) trip in April next year, I am hoping to put together a small (no more than 12 people) group for this tour. I am working with a travel agency that likes to put together individualized itineraries specifically for small groups.

Currently, I have interest (no commitments) from 6 people - would like to have 6 more before I talk to the travel agent for more details. The basic itinerary is a 9 day trip. The cost (depending on the numbers) will be $3400-$3600 pp, double occupancy.

Leticia and I are going to add Mexico City, either on the front end or back end of the trip but anyone who signs up can create their own itinerary. Dates are not set in stone, just examples, but we want to do this trip in April. I can include the basic itinerary for anyone interested who contacts me.

Responses can come to larry@coffinberry.com.

Curious about the international hashing scene? Look at the latest issue of Harrier International Magazine, published by Bimbo -- Bimbo has provided access to the entire magazine for a year for submitting an article. -- Caro-Lion